Green Home Grant Scheme 

What is the Green Home Grants Scheme?

The Green Home Grants Scheme is a new scheme by the UK Government.

The aim of the scheme is to enable homeowners and landlords to upgrade their homes and properties with energy-saving features as insulation, such as solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation, in order to reduce energy usage and improve the energy efficiency of a property. 

What are the details of the scheme?

Under the Green Homes Grant scheme, eligible homeowners can use vouchers issued by the Government to help pay for energy efficient improvements.  These measures include ‘primary measures’ such as external wall insulation and air source heating and ‘secondary measures’ like double glazing and smart thermostats. It is part of a £2bn pound fund, meaning householders can claim up to £5,000 towards any measures. Those in low income households will be able to claim up to £10,000.


Frequently asked questions

How much are the vouchers?

The vouchers for the grant are worth up to £10,000. Most people will receive up to £5,000, whereas those classed as being on low-income can receive up to £10,000.

When will the grant be available?

The grant is expected to launch in September 2020.

What does the grant cover?

The grant is expected to cover a range of energy saving measures, including roof insulation and wall insulation. It’s likely to cover some double glazing installations too, but read our article for full details on how the scheme will work.


Am I eligible for the Green Homes Grant Scheme?

Exact details on the eligibility criteria has not yet been released by the Treasury, but we expect that most homeowners and landlords will be covered.
To get the voucher, you will be shown the energy efficiency measures that the voucher can be used for. All you then have to do is obtain a quote from an accredited supplier.
Once you have received your quote and the type of work is approved, the voucher will be issued.
For those who aren’t class as being on a low income, the vouchers will be worth up to a maximum of £5,000, and can only cover 2/3 of the total cost.
For those on a low income, the vouchers are worth up to £10,000 and can cover 100% of the cost.
You can read more about the scheme and the ways to check your eligibility here.



If You have been granted the voucher and want to take the most out of it in order to make your home more energy efficient please consider our services. You will not be disappointed. 

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